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Batista Unleashed (WWE)

Batista Unleashed (WWE) - Dave Batista I hated this book.

It now has the distinction of being the first book that I've ever started, that I could not bring myself to finish. Oh GOD, I hated this. If I had anything else on my shelf that I could have picked up to read before my next splurge of reading material, I would have. I probably should have read the phone book.

This man is a grade-A douchebag. He is such an asshole in the first 75 pages that I wanted to punch this book in the face. I've never, EVER, read anything so self-centered and offensive in my life. I am a massive, MASSIVE fan of the "sport" of pro-wrestling reading my fair share of autobiographies over the years and I can't say that anything comes CLOSE to being this terrible.

Awful. Just awful.