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The Ultimate Metallica

The Ultimate Metallica - Ross Halfin I've been a Metallica fan for the better part of 10 years. While NOTHING could ever compare to the disappointment I felt after my first listen of 2003's St. Anger, I've enjoyed everything else they've ever recorded. I've purchased all of their albums, several t-shirts and live recordings. Hell, I even owned the action figures!

I'd never even heard of this book until I opened it as a Christmas present from a friend of mine. I was both surprised and excited.

That being said, not a whole lot to write about this one.

Ross Halfin followed the boys in Metallica for the majority of their 30 year career and took some fine pictures along the way. Contained within this book are photos from their early days through to their recent release, "Death Magnetic" and the 2 year tour that followed. While I've never been to Metallica show, I've seen a few on home video. It's amazing how Halfin can capture the energy in a Metallica show in just a few photos.