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Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 2

Batman: No Man's Land - Volume 2 - Greg Rucka;Bob Gale;Ian Edginton;Dennis O'Neil;Lisa Klink While I enjoyed the second collection, it's kind of hard to top that Scarecrow story from Volume 1. However, what Volume 2 lacks in story, it makes up for in artwork.

With Greg Rucka and Bob Gale sharing the majority of the writing task, the reigns of the artwork are given to several people throughout the novel's brisk 208 pages. In fact, some of the most interesting presentations of The Dark Knight's world are shown here through the pencils of illustrators like Chris Renaud and D'Israeli. Both gave us a very cartoonish vision while still maintaining that sense of darkness the story required.

While I'm excited to continue the series, the artwork really helped this review secure an extra star. I'm probably not going to be so forgiving the next time around if the story doesn't grab me as quickly.