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Criminal Vol. 2: Lawless

Criminal Vol. 2: Lawless - Ed Brubaker Lawless tells the story of Tracy Lawless, a former criminal turned United States soldier. Upon hearing of his little brother's death, Ricky joins up with his brother's old gang in an effort to bring some justice to his killer.

Coming off some groundbreaking material with Sleeper: Season One and Incognito, Volume 1, I've decided to continue my recent Brubaker obsession with Vol. 2 of the Criminal series. I certainly liked this enough as in my opinion, it's on par with Volume 1. As always, the artwork is stellar and Brubaker's writing is excellent. Lots of misdirection here complete with a conclusion that makes sense and left me satisfied.

There's a great foreword written by Frank Miller here which sets up the story nicely. Getting recognized by one of the people responsible for the resurgence of the medium is certainly top-notch praise. It's certainly well deserved. Brubaker has opened me up to a whole new genre of graphic novels I hadn't realized existed.