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The Waste Lands  - Stephen King WOW.

Where do I start with this one? Do I talk about how it's one of the best 3rd books I've ever read in a series? That's kind of a weird honor isn't it? I mean, you can call a book "one of the best you've ever read" but when you start to say it's the best 3rd entry in a series of books, you're getting weirdly specific. Do I talk about how much I love Roland, Eddie, Suzannah and Jake? Do I say that they're probably my favorite group of 4 people to ever trek across Mid-World in search of a giant tower? Because..well, they are. Do I talk about how love the mixture of high-speech and Mid-World mythology with the integration of "real world" characters like Eddie, Jake and Suzannah? Because..it's awesome.

From start to finish, this book just blew me away. The opening alone is probably one of the best openings I've ever read; I was sucked in immediately. The experience I had when reading this book is the closest thing I can compare with the experience I had reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road. I had that same feeling of urgency when Jake was searching through New York, desperate to find his entrance into Mid-World as I had when the Man and the Boy were searching for food in The Road. I just couldn't put it down. I needed to know if Jake was going to make it.

The action in this book is just so well written and extremely well paced; well paced yet frantic. Does that make sense? I'm not sure but that is the best way my mind can communicate it. It says something when you know that there are 4 other books after this and you still think the characters are in danger.

For whatever reason, when I put down The Drawing of the Three, I did intend to pick up The Waste Lands right away but became sidetracked. I loved the first two books in the series and was all gung-ho for the 3rd but kept in on the backburner for months. I can't really tell you why. Well, probably because there were other books I wanted to read – I guess that's the easy reason. I don't really want to make that mistake again, there will not be a long wait before I grab the fourth.