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The Sins of the Fathers - Lawrence Block I needed a hole to fill the VOID left by my consumption of the John Connolly Charlie Parker series. Luckily, Connolly has a new book coming out in September, The Burning Soul. Until then, I needed a detective series of substance. A character so cool, so awesome, that I could branch out from Charlie Parker into another series. I've actually had this book on my to-read list for several months now. I have no idea what took me so long to pick it up. I mean, it's not like Kemper, Dan or Stephen had been singing it's praises up and down Goodreads. What? They have? Oh.

This is classic.. no wait, VINTAGE detective writing. Scudder is my type of character. He drinks a lot, he's suffering from self inflicted guilt and he has little patience for the public. This is a guy who has lived through a freak accident which in turn caused him to alienate his wife in asking for a divorce, distancing himself from his kids and quitting the force. He takes on cases which he identifies as "favors" for cash, which he identifies as "gifts". Sure, he tosses a couple of bucks to charity every now and then but he's pretty much a loner. He's like a hooker with a heart of gold. Did I just say that?

Man, I'm really excited to dive into this series and really sink my teeth in. I devoured this is one day, which, for me (at least lately)is equivalent to the speed of light. I basically broke the sound barrier reading this thing I loved it that much. I actually picked up the second installment today and I intend to start on that ASAP.