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In the Midst of Death - Lawrence Block As many have noted in reviews posted here, Block begins to really establish Scudder as a person rather than as an unlicensed detective. We get to see him grow in ways that we've yet to dive into. Between his shaky relationship with his ex-wife and kids, to his struggle with intimacy, to his budding alcohol addiction.

I feel a little crazy giving all these 5 star ratings to Block's books but they're really that good. They're tightly structure; they don't run on for the sake of running on. We're given what we need to know about a suspect, not what they had for breakfast 3 years ago on a Tuesday - I guess what I'm saying is the man knows how to edit a book.

I don't exactly know where to go from here. Supposedly, the series continues to get better and better. Damn you Goodreads for not establishing a rating system higher than 5 stars!