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Chasing Dogma - Kevin Smith, Duncan Fegredo, Laura Allred, Ellie Deville I'm a pretty big Kevin Smith fan. Well, maybe massive is the correct word. Did I mention I'm attending An Evening With Kevin Smith on November 7th in Halifax? No? Well, I just did. Anyway, normally, this lends me to have a ridiculous bias towards anything he creates. Unfortunately, this really didn't live up to my expectations.

The story builds a bridge between the end of Chasing Amy and the beginning of Dogma explaining what happened to Jay & Silent Bob. If you've seen Dogma, Jay describes basically what happened during a scene in a diner. The hapless duo were in search of Shermer, Illinois - the fictional town in John Hughes 1980s teen movies. Along the way, they get mixed up with an escaped monkey.

I guess the story was so well received, or Smith loved it so much, he took the escapades with the escaped monkey and turned it into Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. The movie is one of my favorites so I can't say why I really wasn't all that into this graphic novel. Maybe it was the artwork? I wasn't crazy about it. The dialogue was fine - your standard Smith stuff.

I did however, enjoy the subtle nods to the View Askewniverse as a whole. That's one thing I love about his movies, they all bleed together without acknowledging themselves as a "saga" of sorts. The odd character reference pops up which I really enjoyed. Smith did manage to show a lot of attention into even the smallest detail like costume changes - explaining how Jay and Bob managed to acquire different clothing from Chasing Amy to Dogma.

Overall, it's not required reading - only if you really need to know how Jay and Bob got from one movie to the next.