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Civil War

Civil War - Morry Hollowell, Steve McNiven, Dexter Vines, Mark Millar I don't know what I expected here.

This was a colossal letdown. To be truthful, I was pretty bored reading this. I read a few reviews from people on here that suggested reading a few of the other individual "Civil War" issues as they more or less, fill in some gaps.

I had this gut feeling that I wasn't really going to understand what was going on here. With all these other story lines running on the side in individual series', I wasn't sure where to start. Hey, it's not rocket science; I did manage to get the gist of it but I failed to see the point. I didn't quite understand why they needed to kick the crap out of each other! Especially considering the way it ends. I also hated Iron Man bringing in several super-villains to aid him in his arrest of Captain America and his rebel forces.

The idea was extremely interesting and I kept thinking how I would have written it or pulled it off. I had a few scenarios in my head but nothing seemed interesting. It's hard to really pin-point my problem with the series but I'm hoping someone can guide me in the right direction. Do I need to read the others? Is there something I'm missing?