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Batman: No Man's Land, Vol. 3

Batman: No Man's Land, Vol. 3 - Greg Rucka, Kelley Puckett, Larry Hama, Janet Harvey, Dan Jurgens, Damion Scott, Rick Buchett, John Bogdanove, Mike Deodato Jr., Sergio Cariello Batman can be a real dick sometimes.

You know that thing he does when he figures something out quite early in a story and then reveals later on that he knew the whole time? He does that here. In the process, he really pisses off a character. In all fairness, Batman is pretty smart so that person probably should've guessed he'd figure it out.

Also, Superman shows up in the very beginning. Armed with nothing but good intentions, Supes decides he's going to help out Gotham thus bringing it back to it's original glory. Scoffing at the idea, Batman tells him that basically, he's an idiot. Once again, Batman gets to show up about 24 hours later just to rub it in with a big fat "told you so". While it's pretty dick-ish, I'll give him a pass as Superman is generally lame.

While Batman's absence at the beginning of this crisis is explained, he still maintains a feeling of betrayal in the eyes of Commissioner Gordon. The two have a pretty heated exchange which ends in an event that shocked me.

While it's not the strongest of the 3 released so far (I'm still annoyed with the lack of Joker), it continues the series nicely. Looking forward to the next two volumes.