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Batman: No Man's Land, Vol. 4 - Greg Rucka, Devin Grayson, Chuck Dixon, Larry Hama, Dale Eaglesham, Mat Broome, Damion Scott, Mike Deodato Jr., Rick Burchett, Paul Ryan Even though the series may be losing a little steam by this point, there is enough in this volume to leave the reader satisfied.

While there has been substantial time devoted to both the Penguin and Two-Face in the previous 3 volumes, we're given someone new to focus on this time around. Bane makes his entrance into No Man's Land with grand plans for the crumbled city. While the reader is still not entirely sure what direction he's headed in throughout the book, the end treats us with a blockbuster twist worthy of a gasping WHOA.

This also contains one of the best back and forth exchanges between Batman and Commissioner Gordon that I've ever read. I was truly on the edge of my seat. It leads to a stunning move on Batman's part to try and gain Jim's trust again.

All that great stuff aside, some of the artwork was lackluster and at times, pretty ugly. What's great about a multi-artist collaboration can also lead to a disadvantage. It can be pretty cool to see different artists visions throughout, resulting in some intense visuals but it can also lead to some disappointing storytelling that can take the reader right out of the comic.