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Criminal, Vol. 1: Coward

Criminal, Vol. 1: Coward - Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips There is a villan in this graphic novel named Roy L. T.. I mean seriously, that's awesome.

Leo is a career criminal - Hell, it runs in his family! The son of one of the best pick-pockets in Philly, Leo has evolved the family business into a much larger, more ambitious livelihood. While he hasn't partaken in a job in quite a while, he's lured into a risky heist targeting hundreds of thousands of dollars in diamonds. Teaming up with dirty cops, can Leo trust his associates and walk away with his cut of the take?

I was a big, big fan of this 1st installment. While I didn't love it as much as Incognito, Volume 1 (another one of Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips collaborations), I thought it was excellent for what it was. Brubaker has a massive back-catalouge of work and I can't wait to dig deep into it.

Sean Phillips' work is tremendous. I loved his vision in regards to what violent scenes should look like as well as the resulting gore. He doesn't go overboard but creates an atmosphere that really gets the point across.

As with all great heist stories go, it's hard to tell who is geniunely on what side. Brubaker did a great job keeping me guessing until the very end. There really are no friends when it comes to crime - everyone is always out for themselves.