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The Stand: Captain Trips - Stephen King, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Laura Martin, Mike Perkins The first five issues in Marvel's adaptation of Stephen King's famous novel The Stand, are contained within the first collection, Captain Trips. A virus is let loose from a top secret government facility causing people to exhibit symptoms in line with the flu. However, this strain is 100% fatal. Following the lives of a few select individuals who appear to be immune, King lays the groundwork for the ultimate battle between good and evil.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa does a fine job adapting the source material. The story moves along well considering the length of book. It's been two years since I originally read it but I'm not really getting the feeling a whole lot is being left out.

The characters match up pretty well with how I envisioned them, which is always a nice touch when moving from a novel to a more visual medium. A lot of credit to Mike Perkins and Laura Martin for their excellent artwork which I really enjoyed.

I'm eagerly anticipating the arrival of Trashcan Man the most so hopefully I can get my hands on Volume 2 a lot sooner than I hope.