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Daredevil, Volume 3 - Marco Checchetto, Khoi Pham, Chris Samnee, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid Daredevil teams up with Spider-Man and The Punisher as they ward off Mega-Crime’s pursuit of the Omega Drive - a storage device holding key information on all of Manhattan’s most powerful criminal organizations. When he’s able to find even a modicum of personal time, Daredevil sheds the red tights to court Assistant District Attorney Kristen McDuffie but soon realizes that a modicum is often too much to ask for when you’re The Man Without Fear. Kidnapped by associates of Doctor Doom, Daredevil finds himself locked up in Latveria for crimes against their nation. Can Daredevil escape and return to Manhattan or will the good natured Matt Murdock buckle under pressure leaving the old Daredevil room to surface?

Mark Waid’s run with Daredevil continues with Volume Three. While progressing the story tied to the Omega Drive, Waid takes some time to send the reader back to Matt and Foggy's college days in which both were blossoming law students. The flashback, while not entirely necessary, expanded on their long running friendship while giving the reader a reprieve from the ongoing plot.

The bulk of the book has Daredevil held captive in Latveria. Under the supervision of a high ranking official in Doctor Doom’s army, Daredevil is stripped of his heightened senses. Without his reliable radar sense, Waid explores just how handicapped Daredevil is in his fight against crime. While the story isn't spectacular, it’s great to see Matt Murdock pushed to his limit, forcing pieces of the old aggressive Daredevil to the surface.