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Parker: Slayground

Parker: Slayground - Darwyn Cooke Darwyn Cooke’s Eisner Award winning series continues with the fourth installment, Slayground. Following a botched robbery, Parker escapes to an amusement park closed for the winter. Boxed in by gangsters and crooked cops, will Parker be able to devise a successful escape route or has his number finally come up?

I received an advanced copy from IDW Publishing and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s iconic character Parker has been nothing short of tremendous. I was actually a little shocked to see it completed so soon, considering that back in August, when I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Cooke, he had indicated he was still working on it and he had in fact left it at home on his kitchen table to attend the Dartmouth Comic Arts Festival.

It goes without saying that the artwork continues to impress. In keeping with the atmosphere of a cold winter’s night, Cooke selected various shades of blue and black as the predominant colors, giving us a perfect backdrop to the conditions endured by Parker as he plans his escape. Cooke’s signature style is tailor made for a period such as the 1960s so there’s no doubt that given this is his fourth installment, he’s here for the long run.

There’s not much else to say about this other than if you’re not already reading the series, you’re missing out. Slayground may be his strongest effort yet so get caught up before Christmas Eve and grab this when it hits store shelves.