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Masks & Mobsters Volume 1 Hc

Masks & Mobsters Volume 1 Hc - Joshua Williamson, Mike Henderson When Mob enforcer Bobby Silver killed masked hero Doctor Daylight in cold blood, it sent shock waves through the Masked community. Now, in the eyes of the heroes, the mob is their #1 enemy – and it’s war!

I wanted to write my own intro but I had a hard time coming up with a summary better than the one provided by the publisher.

It’s not often that I go to the library and check out something that has been both completely off my radar and without a single written review on Goodreads. My girlfriend found Masks & Mobsters nestled in the stacks and handed it over to me thinking it looked like it was right up my alley. How could I argue? It has superheroes and mobsters? It’s set in the mid 1900s? Sold.

I like the idea of putting the focus on the mob as they struggle against the peacekeeping superheroes rather than the other way around. The artwork is slick and the splatter style black on white treatment of blood is used effectively. There’s one chapter in particular near the end that opens up the storytelling in a creative way by showcasing the important dialogue and action in the background while an unconnected story plays out in the foreground. I’d like to see the creators take similar chances going forward.

It’s not perfect but the series has promise. Keeping with the majority of comics, single issues are released first and later collected into trades but with Masks & Mobsters, it’s strictly digital distribution through Comixology first and physical releases later.