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Frost at Christmas - R.D. Wingfield I can't decide if Detective Inspector Jack Frost is a misunderstood genius or if he's just incredibly lucky. While he exhibits traits of someone who clearly knows what he's doing; he mostly seems like a bumbling jerk who happens to fall into the right answers.

By saying that, I certainly don't mean for it to seem like I was irritated. Look at Dr. House on... House. He berates his patients as well as his colleges and is certainly without tact - but he always gets the job done. Frost shows many of those traits I love in House but adds a more cheery, less-depressing attitude that made this book really fun to read.

The mystery was a little less than stellar but Wingfield rarely focused on one thing at a time, keeping things lively and moving along at a swift pace. Frost's dry humor and his relationship with fellow officer, Clive Barnard, held my interest throughout. Barnard was the perfect accompaniment along the way; voluntarily putting up with whatever Frost threw his way. I'm hoping he sticks around in the future books.

I'm pleased to admit that I genuinely laughed out loud on more than a few occasions, which was a little unexpected. In reading a few reviews on here, the comedy is something that isn't really given its due.