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FreakAngels, Volume 3 - Warren Ellis, Paul Duffield In Volume 3, The FreakAngels have brought in and put to work several refugees. Staying the course and rebuilding Whitechapel, the FreakAngels are trying to undo the pain and suffering they initially caused. However, along with the exiled Mark, Luke is beginning to realize the sheer scope of their powers. Breaking the "one rule", Luke sits on the verge of ex-communication. Can the FreakAngels rebound from Luke's treason and can Whitechapel return to its past glory?

In the age of the digital web comic, it's hard to believe that work of this calibre is being given away for free. Granted, if you want the hardcover collectors edition, you've got to shell out a few dollars. This isn't to say that in terms of quality, stuff like The Oatmeal, Cyanide and Happiness or Toothpaste for Dinner isn't up to par with Ellis' epic - it just feels like this series deserves to be paid for.**

With Volume 3, the series begins to take a turn towards darkness. We're exposed to what the FreakAngels are capable of through a pretty disgusting act by Luke. I won't spoil it for you but it's deplorable to say the least.

Comics like FreakAngels is why I could never become a weekly reader. I simply love devouring series' back-to-back-to-back; monthly or bi-weekly issues could never work for me. If Volume 4,5 and 6 are just as good as the first 3, you're looking at a ridiculously solid series.

** I may or may not be getting these books for free from my local library.