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Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne I really wanted to write this epic review about how much I enjoyed the Hunger Games Trilogy. However, I pretty much related all of what I felt in my first two reviews. You know, just overall. About that horrible, sick feeling in my stomach when terrible things happen to undeserving people – well, that never actually went away when I made my way through this final installment. In fact, it only grew stronger.

That's what is so great about a captivating series. If done correctly, you really get to know the characters and if the writer is great enough, he/she knows how to play with your emotions.

For example, the love triangle aspect becomes worse (and I don't mean that in an "unbearable" sense) when Peeta resurfaces. I don't quite understand why exactly I wasn't annoyed with it. 3 novels in and Katniss still can't make her mind up about who she wants to be with. Normally, this type of thing would have worn thin on me; I may have even abandoned it completely. However, with the intensity of the rebellion playing in the forefront, it diverted my attention. Collins' knows this world and those that inhabit so well that when events occur, you're not left with this feeling that she was throwing out occurrences left and right for cheap thrills.

Everything is central to the storyline; nothing appears to be wasted. In the end, you're left wondering how Katniss can even continue on. She's on the receiving end of knockout blow after knockout blow. Just looking back at the series in full, how she continues to get back up on her feet is astounding.

I was a little worried with how the author was going to wrap this up. This is a tremendous series and it is worthy of an ending that blows you away yet gives you a satisfied feeling of resolve. Collins' manages to do both. Also, while not entirely necessary, the epilogue is a nice touch.


Not that it has anything to do with the books, but I'm weary of the film adaptation. I have this feeling that it's just going to fall flat.

I read that Collins' is overseeing the project and I'm sure she'll try to stay as close to her vision as possible. That being said, it entirely depends on what market they're trying to hit with movie go-ers. The series can be somewhat graphic and I'm interested to see what they're keen on showing and what they'll hold back on.


I have this feeling that Collins' isn't done with the series yet. I mean, if she chooses to do so, she can go back through 75 years of Hunger Games and write a few prequels. I know I'd pick them up.