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Out on the Cutting Edge - Lawrence Block Man, am I going to be sad when I officially get caught up and I have no more Scudder books to read. Good thing I have about 11 more to go!

When you pick this book up, you're going to notice some major changes to the Scudder universe. At the end of Eight Million Ways to Die, Matt comes to terms with his alcoholism and attends - and participates - in an AA Meeting. At the beginning of this novel, Matt is 3 years sober and is heavily involved in the program. Also, we meet a new character (Mick Ballou) who is destined, so I hear, to become an integral part of the series.

I was very pleased with Out on the Cutting Edge overall. The integration of two mysteries made for a compelling read, as Scudder is rarely concentrating on one case for a lengthy period of time. I can say with confidence that I did not see that ending coming whatsoever. Block did it again - leading me in one direction and blindsiding me with where he intended to end up. Nothing satisfies me more that when I think I have it figured out only to be so wrong that I yell, "WHAT?!" out loud when it's revealed.

I can't recommend this series enough and I'm happy Block has written so many installments.