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Batman: The Killing Joke - Tim Sale, Brian Bolland, Alan Moore I really didn't like Watchmen (which I think I may be in the minority on) and didn't see what all the hype surrounding Alan Moore was all about. But my God, this book was jaw-droppingly excellent.

To this day, I have never really experienced a Joker origin story (well, unless you count Tim Burton's 1989 Batman) so this was pretty much all new to me. The fact that Alan Moore hammers it home time and time again that Joker is the way he is because of one bad day is pretty chilling. It also coincides with Heath Ledger's Joker and his big speech at the end of The Dark Knight - "Madness, as you know, is just like gravity. All it takes is a little... push".

Its hard to stretch this into a long review, the book itself is only 46 pages. Meaning, I can only go on about how much I love it for so long. If anything, it has one of the coolest endings I've seen in a Batman book - so, that alone is pretty awesome.

To quote Tim Sale with the graphic novel's introduction, "How cool is this!?"