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FreakAngels, Volume 4 - Warren Ellis, Paul Duffield So after that pretty awesome cliffhanger in Volume 3, the 4th book opens with.. a flashback! Part of me was annoyed because I needed to know what was going to happen immediately. My first thought was, "MAN! I'm glad I wasn't reading this on a week to week basis". However, once I realized the flashback was finally going to give me some information about how the world ended up in the state it's currently in, I was satisfied.

The fourth entry in the Freakangels saga is a pretty awesome one and may be the best yet. Not only does it contain two rather big events and loads of pretty graphic violence, we're treated to a glimpse into the 14 year old lives of the Freakangels. What we're shown makes certain current situations that much more heartbreaking given the personalities that have developed. For example, given the general consensus on the outlawed Freakangel Mark, it's hard not to like him in these flashbacks - it makes you wonder what went wrong.

It's hard to really single out one character but I think I'm more than partial to KK. Not only does she have the technical know-how when it comes to building and creating new machines, she has some pretty great scenes and dialogue. I'm hoping she grabs a bigger role in the two volumes yet to come.

This is turning into quite the series. I've yet to be disappointed over any twists, turns or developments. No complaints from me.

On to book 5!