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Fade To Blonde (Hard Case Crime, #2)

Fade To Blonde (Hard Case Crime, #2) - Max Phillips Former boxer and current odd-jobber Ray Corson is enlisted by damsel in distress, Rebecca LaFontaine, to shake off some unwanted attention. A gentleman by the name of Halliday intends to disfigure Rebecca but not if Corson has anything to do with it.

This novel had to be dripping with solid gold if it was going to be able to top Hardcase's first publication, Grifter's Game. Unfortunately, while Fade To Blonde was an enjoyable read, it really didn't completely measure up.

That being said, Phillips does throw some awesome at the reader. There were parts that caused me to smirk, grin and out-right laugh but unfortunately, they were pretty sparse.

That would have settled me for a while, but he looked like he wanted to get up again somehow, and I kicked him in the belly, which made him more introspective.

..and while on cocaine, Ray has the following inner monolouge:

I thought it may be a good idea to bust her in the nose. Or maybe marry her. They were both brilliant ideas. I felt like I could pick up the house and throw it if I wanted. It was an unrestful way to feel.

I'm really digging this series (is digging a word people use anymore?) so far. If you're interested in noir or just crime fiction in general, these novels seem to be a great choice!