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War in the Sun - Steve Dillon, Garth Ennis, Peter Snejbjerg If you were heating up a pot of water, War in The Sun would exist in that time frame seconds before the water boils over and soaks the stove.

Much like that water, tensions are beginning to rise. Cassidy and Tulip are teetering on the edge of mutually assured destruction, the Saint of Killers makes an appearance and Herr Starr is ready to unleash the big guns in his quest for power.

One of the characters we were still left in the dark about had been Herr Starr. Granted, we known bits and pieces of his back story but not the meaty parts. Starr's meteoric rise to power is showcased in an extensive flash back, giving the reader a chance to see how this man turned out so ruthless.

To say that a lot happens here would be an understatement. While Ennis throws quite a bit at the reader, the story still moves along at a brisk pace. If anything, this installment has me wanting to move on to the next volume more than any previous entry.

I wonder if Arseface's rise to fame and fortune as the front man of a grunge style band is some sort of commentary on Ennis' part regarding the state of rock in the 90s. A lot of those bands could easily be written off as just melodic noise with unintelligible lyrics and confusing popularity.

..Or maybe Ennis just thought it would be funny?